Practical Implementation on Automation Using Ansible with RedHat Experts Session

Great Industrial Experts has come up in any official RH294 training to explain students about the real-time use cases of the industry‼️

👨🏻‍💻 Industry Use Case on DevOps Automation using Ansible — Demo

⚜️ A complete practical implementation on DevOps Automation using Ansible by two renowned techies:

💼 Principal Instructor — RedHat
▪️Primarily responsible for empowering Red Hat customers with tailor-made enablement services.

▪️Also heading the designing and delivering high-quality content on integrated solutions and trusted partners across APAC, ANZ, and APJ.

▪️Connected with RedHat for around 12+ years.

▪️He was a Speaker at 2018 where he had discussed Linux Container Internals.

💼 Director — APAC
Service Delivery, GLS RedHat Asia Pacific
▪️ Specialist:- Linux and Security 🔐

▪️The First RHC*(RHCA, RHCSS, RHCDS, RHCVA) in India.

▪️Founding member of the Free Software Foundation India.

▪️Being in open source software for more than 24 years.

About Ansible:

Ansible is an open-source software provisioning, configuration management, and application-deployment tool enabling infrastructure as code. It runs on many Unix-like systems, and can configure both Unix-like systems as well as Microsoft Windows.
About Ansible Tower:
Ansible Tower (formerly ‘AWX’) is a web-based solution that makes Ansible even more easy to use for IT teams of all kinds. It’s designed to be the hub for all of your automation tasks. … Tower is free for usage for up to 10 nodes, and comes bundled with amazing support from Ansible, Inc. Ansible Tower is the Enterprise Ansible Solution built on top of Ansible Engine, whereas Ansible is also known as the Ansible Engine is the command-line tool.

Creating VPC, Subnet, and the complete architecture with Ansible and provisioning an EC2 instance on top of that using Ansible Playbook.
We use the playbook as a template in Ansible Tower and provide credential authentication to AWS, once the parameters are satisfied we can launch the template. On successful launch, we would have the complete VPC-Subnet Architecture on AWS with our EC2 instance provisioned.
Creating Slack notification in Ansible Tower using Slack Tokens and integrating them with Ansible Tower Workflows.

This has been one of the most insightful and exciting expert sessions in the RH294- Automation With Ansible journey. Thanks to Vimal Sir & Preeti Mam and the complete LW, ARTH, RedHat Team for making this possible and giving us a glimpse of how Ansible & Ansible Tower is used in the real corporate industry with live hands-on demonstration and Q/A.

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